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Phyllis W. Jordan is FutureEd's editorial director.

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An empty desk in a classroom

Absenteeism Mires Recovery from Pandemic Learning Losses

But simple measures by schools can encourage better student attendance
Book cover of "Beyond Standards" by Morgan Polikoff

Local Control Is Part of the Problem, a New Book About Education Contends

Louisiana, Rhode Island point path toward quality, Polikoff says

Strengthening Standards, Teaching and Tests in a Deep Red State

An interview with John White, Louisiana's state superintendent of schools

Nudging Students and Families to Better Attendance

As many as 8 million U.S. public school students struggle academically simply because they miss too much school, but many parents are clueless about how many days their children have missed

How School Suspensions Affect Student Achievement

The Philadelphia School District’s decision in 2012 to end suspensions for minor infractions provided fertile ground for research.

The Teaching Gap’s Troubling Consequences

An interview with Dan Goldhaber about new research on the impact of disadvantaged kids being assigned less effective teachers.

Graduation Scandal Shouldn’t Overshadow Successful DCPS Reforms 

The recent furor over District of Columbia high schools issuing dubious diplomas has prompted pundits to declare a decade's worth of school reform in the nation’s capital a failure.

What’s at Stake for Schools in the Health Care Bill?

Medicaid insulates disadvantaged children from some of the adverse experiences that keep them from succeeding in school.

How Did Chronic Absenteeism Become a Thing?

If you look at the accountability systems states are developing to meet federal requirements, you’ll see a growing number are using chronic absenteeism as a metric.

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