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“It’s just safer to avoid current events”

Polarization has made teaching harder, but "constructive dialogue" may offer a way forward

The Progressive Case for K–12 Open Enrollment

How Democrats in blue states can lead the way on school choice
An empty desk in a classroom

Absenteeism Mires Recovery from Pandemic Learning Losses

But simple measures by schools can encourage better student attendance
Road sign that reads "Tennessee welcomes you"

An Unwavering Focus on Student Achievement

A former Tennessee education chief reflects on her tenure and her "true North Star"
Illustration of the Constitution

A More Perfect Way to Teach U.S. History

Attempts to sanitize or demonize the past denigrate the long, hard struggle of our republic
An illustration of a wrecking ball approaching a red schoolhouse

The Disruptive Evolution of School Improvement

Modern education reform knocks at the walls of the traditional schoolhouse
Book cover of "Duck and Cover"

Why Do Schools Cling to ‘Stupid’ Ideas?

Two education scholars explore that question in a new book

High Court Decision in College Admissions Case Has K-12 Implications

Considering race in school assignment will become even harder after Harvard, UNC lose
Montse Gomendio

When “Stakeholders” and Status Quo Outweigh Student Outcomes

“A public system that funds both privately and publicly managed schools offers great advantages,” an author says


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